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​About Us

We are RegenSec Limited, a company spun-off from Regentax Limited in December 2017, and adopting Regenhub Business Center Model for development.  Regenhub's principal activities are that of Business Center and Workplace for Business Professionals.   The launch of this website signified RegenSec's first public event.   For more about us, please visit


我們是「勵晶稅務有限公司」於2017年12月分拆出的「勵晶秘書有限公司」,正採用「勵晶博匯」的工作空間。「勵晶博匯」主業向「專業商戶」提供辨工空間及商務中心服務。   開展此網站標誌著「勵晶秘書」的首次公眾事件,要了解更多我們的資料,請瀏覽

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